"I was at the [2018] combine. I now play for the CJFL Calgary Colts. I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to let me continue my football career after high school. I wouldn't have been able to make it without the combine. It really opened up opportunities for me."

- James Clarke


"[My son] was in Grade 11 at the first combine. Plans to come to the second one!!! Was asked to come to the colts try out before they realized he was only in grade 11. Would really like to find a post secondary school to attend that would want him to play football for them. He really enjoyed your combine. Wasn’t sure what to expect but left feeling like he has a chance at potentially playing football after High school even though he is from a very small town school."

- Devin’s Mom


"The [2018] Bryn Roy Football Combine was a great experience for me and I would recommend it to any young athlete looking for exposure to the next level. This combine not only gave me exposure for the second level but also pushed me as hard as I could to compete against others."

- Riley Gough

"Bryn Roy I'm glad to see Bryn running combines and giving back. I wish him success and good luck. I believe he can do great things because he has so much to give back. As a former teammate , I'll tell you first hand how hardworking he was on the field, in the weight room, and In the classroom. At film study, I admire how he always wanted to learn more then you had to; learning other positions giving you more of an edge over the next guy. He were a beast on special teams and I always felt confident when I knew he was out on the field. I got to say he made the locker room a better place because of the easy going, easy to talk to type of person he is. How ever, as he was good teammate, I loved how he was able to turn the nice guy switch off and become a bad ass and leader in the weight room. I hope the young athletes listen and take in the his knowledge of the game and life itself.  Bryn's Friend and Former Teammate."

- Super Bowl Champion, Scott Paxson

"Coming into the Bryn Roy Combine, It was a brand new experience and I was not highly recruited. After meeting with coaches and doing the combine my name was put out to many coaches and I was contacted by 3 Universities and 2 Junior Teams. It is a great opportunity for all athletes who want to succeed and play football at the next level. Thank you to coach Roy and all the other coaches involved to helped me continue my football career."

- Mahaz Khan, Saint Mary's University


"One of the best football showcases in North America."

              - CFL Director of Global Scouting, Greg Quick